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Star Wars : Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance

(Ride Spoilers Ahead)


This fully immersive Star Wars ride debuted in late 2019 at Walt Disney World Resort & Disneyland. Its trackless system is like few of its kind. You will join the resistance to protect the location of a secret base from the First Order. Come along for a glimpse of the adventure you will embark on.

Star Wars : Rise of the Resistance (ROTR) is typically the longest wait in the park (and for good reason.) The run time on this ride is about 18 minutes, making it one of the longest rides in both Walt Disney World Resort & Disneyland. When I tell you it's worth waiting, I'm not lying.

Quick Rundown

To start, the line for ROTR is actually super interesting. The atmosphere feels like you are slowly going deeper under ground into the secret Resistance base. Once you enter the inside portion of the line, there is air conditioning and places to sit along the way. This way while you're waiting in line, you get to rest from the intense heat and get off your feet for a few.

As you go deeper into the resistance base, you will find yourself in the command center where you are greeted by none other than BB-8. BB-8 is a super important droid working with the resistance.  After BB-8 chats with you, you'll receive an incoming transmission from Rey. You will get the news that the secret base on Batu is no longer safe from the First Order and you must leave immediately.

While aboard a civilian vessel the First Order begins to attack the ship! They pull the ship into their Star Destroyer and you are captured. When you leave the Civilian Vessel you walk into the hanger full of First Order Troopers. Some are looking right at you making sure you follow every order. (Something I like to do is attempt to use the force on the cast members and tell them to let us go.)

From here you will enter a holding cell to be questioned. (Remember they want to know where the civilian vessel was heading.) In this holding cell there is a surprise guest that comes to interrogate you. The surprise guest gets called up to the command center and you are left alone in the holding cell.  All of a sudden you hear people talking and see the wall being melted away

IT'S THE RESISTANCE! They came to rescue you.

From here you will go on an epic battle between the First Order and the Resistance, all while trying escape to safety. 

I won't ruin the rest for you, but let's just say it's my most favorite ride ever

Batu on Galaxy’s Edge

Rise of the Resistance isn't where the immersion ends for Batu in Galaxy's Edge. Head over to Doc Ondar's to check out super rare collectables or to Ronto Roasters for a Ronto Wrap and Tatooine Sunset. You can even make reservations at Savi's Workshop for some underground custom lightsaber building. 

Wherever you go on Batu you will be greeted with a 'Bright Suns' (meaning hello,) & and smile. You truly feel like you've entered a Galaxy Far Far Away.

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