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Why Use a Travel Advisor?

We live in a day and age where information is quite literally at our finger tips. There is nothing that we can't google up and find an answer- but how do we know if that answer is legitimate? Accurate? Providing a clear full picture needed to make an informed decision? Or, when an inquiry on the internet conjures up 3,965,980 results, just how do you weed THAT out? Internet overload is real!

So when I began this journey into the world of travel, it had been 33 years since I had last been in the travel industry and 2 career changes ago. Things had DEFINITELY changed...internet, email, online ticketing, online check-in, online booking...a complete overhaul of the industry had occurred when the airlines discontinued paying commissions to travel agencies and in order for a once thriving industry to survive, a complete reorganization of the industry structure had to take place.  And survive , the industry did. Leisure Travel suppliers, once a section of travel planning became the dominate force to go from 'Travel Agent' booking traditional air-hotel-car, to 'Travel Advisor & Planner' providing a complete vacation package: Air/resorts/hotels/all-inclusives/excursions/dining reservations/wedding planning/cultural get the picture. Want to rent a luxury villa in Spain and hire a cigar roller to teach you how? Will do. Want to swim with the pigs in Bahamas? Got it. Need a small cabin in the Alps to pop the question with a rare vintage bottle of Bollinger? I'm on it. Truly, the sky is the limit. Or-if your idea of a vacation is to simply get away or take the kids to Disneyworld, we- your trusty Travel Advisors have you covered.

But why us and not just you? After all, the internet provides the all knowing information you need right? Well, that's kind of the problem. Remember- internet overload is REAL!!! So, I have 9 awesome answers as to why having a Travel Advisor in your court is the best way to ensure you have someone to work for you and most importantly LISTEN to your wants and needs when planning a vacation or life event. I have a secret to share-we live for this stuff. We eat and breathe travel. We LOVE what we do. Travel Advisors might just be some of the happiest people on the planet. You WANT us to be this way! We are on YOUR team! We work for you and nobody else. So-Why? Here we go-

1) Experience. We know the market. We stay updated non-stop on market pricing, suppliers ratings, airline and hotel ratings, what resorts are renovating, or being purchased by other corporations, when markets are opening new flights or non-stops, when a new resort opens, cruise waves (sales)...We are connected to Business Development Managers who work for our suppliers whose sole jobs are to keep US informed to give YOU your dream vacation. They are OUR advocates so WE can be YOURS.

2) Advocacy. If something goes wrong on your vacation, Travel Advisors have the tools to go to bat for you to get you back on track. Period. Let's face it-unexpected things happen. But when you have a Travel Advisor on your team, you have someone with a wealth of knowledge and supplier connections to find a resolution so your vacation memories remain your dream and not a nightmare. No one wants to spend hours or days during their vacation correcting an issue-leave that to us.

3) Resources. We have suppliers and resources the average consumer/traveler is not able to have access to- yes-even via the internet.  Sure-maybe you can match my quote...but my quote-because I belong to a consortium of agents from across the country and we pool our resources with our suppliers, get added amenities, upgraded rooms, event tickets, and have access to plan activities you will not have access to and will miss. Don't let this happen to you. Remember-We want to create an experience for you-not just book a trip.

4) Convenience. We save you time. Period. With a few questions and vetting your desires, wants, needs and past experiences traveling, we are able to vet the vacation you truly desire saving you hours if not days or weeks of stress and worry whether you have chosen (or guessed) what you need out of your vacation. Again...internet overload is real.....

5) Relationships. As you develop a relationship with your Travel Advisor, we are able to target the right vacations for you...even without a conversation! A simple phone call or email-could result in your next vacation-already planned-why? Because we are establishing  a relationship with you and we LISTEN because YOU MATTER-and then magic happens.

6) Save Money. Make no mistake. Saving money doesn't mean cheap. The last thing a professional Travel Advisor wants to be known for is 'cheap'. We want to be known for QUALITY and VALUE in what we provide, catered to your needs. We will diligently work at maximizing your budget while being realistic with your expectations-remember-we are your Advisors as well as your Planners. This is why those resources in #3 are so important. If someone sees an ad for Las Vegas air/hotel for $ all means knock yourself out-but don't think a Professional Travel Advisor will match that and be willing to put their name and reputation behind it. 'If something's to good to be true-it probably is.' rings loud and true in the travel industry. Heed the warning.

7) Added Value. Travel Advisors have the ability to have fun and include add-ons that consumers don't even know exist: That fancy Champagne, exclusive tours, that sweet welcome gift upon arrival....And this leads to why #5 is so important. Once that relationship is established, we find joy in surprises for you! What's not to like about that!

8) No Fees. (most of the time). Yes that's right. How? Our suppliers have built in those fees-WHETHER YOU BOOK WITH US OR NOT.  Why pay for a service and not use it? We won't use a supplier we don't know or trust-we want our clients to return over and over and be confident in our services. Now-if you are wanting a life event planning such as a wedding to include travel arrangements-you may find additional fees/contracts in your proposal-those should ALWAYS be upfront, in writing, and agreed upon by all parties involved as the time taken for these events are far more significant and the fees should be equal to the experience your Advisor has with this type of planning. Due diligence is important-check references and reviews.

9) Education/Training.  Travel Advisor/Planners have unlimited resources to train, certify, and continue with constant on-going education in our industry. From familiarization trips to online webinars, supplier zoom meetings, supplier certification courses-truly it's unlimited. We keep up with changing visa requirements, passport requirements, geographical political updates, advisories, natural disasters etc....and keep YOU updated as well. Because-#2- we advocate for YOU.

So if you have wondered 'Why a Travel Advisor/Planner?' I hope some good points have been made to lead you to work with us with your next exciting adventure. Remember- We LOVE what we do! And THAT'S the kind of person you want on your team in this big exciting world we live in and explore!


Cherise Isbell- Travel Advisor/Planner

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Cherise Isbell is your go-to travel planner to create extraordinary adventures. Whether your travels are romantic, family-oriented, adventurous, or a weekend escape, Cherise can build your dream vacation down to the smallest detail.A seasoned traveler, Cherise's love of travel began over 35 years ago when she solo traveled to Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico, hiking through the inner island jungles, ...  Read More >>>

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